Heavy Metal…

Gucci Resort 2012 via Fashionologie

backstage at Manning Cartell via Sonny Vandevelde

This season heavy metal makes a come-back, and no we’re not talking the head thrashing music variety either.
The latest fashion trend heralds the return of gold lamé, yes you heard right, as well as copper and silver tones, and heavy embellishment for a metallic sheen in everything from jackets and skirts to full length ball gowns.
But before you shun this shiny micro-trend, let’s take a look at the ways you can wear it.
It doesn’t have to be an all-in-one look, you can accessorise your outfit with a splash of shine and glitz.
Try throwing on a cropped blazer in a subtler blacky gold colour such as this Ellery bolero from her recent RAFW runway show.

via Sonny Vandevelde

Or opt for a pair of wide leg pants or mini skirt for a hint of dazzle in your daily style.

Fernando Frisoni via Sonny Vandevelde

You’ll find the bright tones actually do justice to your complexion, giving it that welcomed healthy glow – vital in pepping up pasty skin during the dull winter months.
Take a cue from Pia Miller, she positively radiates in this gold White Suede dress.

via what would karl do?

For those who wish to join in the metallic mash up – but aren’t brave enough to don the gold logie dress a la Carla Zampatti (below) –

via Google

– then why not opt for a hint of sparkle via metallic embellishment?
This gown from the Michael Kors Fall 2011 collection is crafted from a muted antique gold fabric, but it shimmers in the light courtesy of tiny hand beaded gold beads. Perfection…

via Style.com

Otherwise you can go all out retro with this Nookie metallic jumpsuit. Definitely for the brave and die-hard fashion victims who love a trend any time of the day or place!

backstage at Nookie via Sonny Vandevelde

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