Travel in Style

LightwtSuitcase_Hydra12f_emAfter a long flight there’s nothing worse than scouring for your luggage among the sea of dull black at the airport carousel. There’s always that one bag that looks just like yours, but once you’ve hauled it off you see `Mrs Smith’ on the name tag. So why not jet set in style with a bright red cherry adorned suitcase instead?

Never shy of new patterns and colours, Catherine Manuell Design adorn their luggage and fashion accessories with images of street art, artist’s sketches, intricate patterns, geometric and retro-now influences. Think faux moss croc, French peasant prints or cranberry alligator, floral, swirl black flat fur, oversized roses, and Aboriginal artist painting prints.

After a freelance designer career for labels such as Metalicus, Stussy Sista and Kookai, Catherine launched her own brand CMD 12 years ago forging the way for eclectic travel fashion. The accessories brand specialises in unique, one-of-a-kind and colourful luggage, handbags, an executive range and scarves designed here from their Fitzroy factory.

Their new collection features hand-screened digital prints of cherries, oversized strawberries and hydrangeas designed by local artists on a new range of lightweight luggage. A new selection of local artist designs also feature on handbags and wallets, as well as a beautiful Spring/Summer selection of scarves, also all hand-made in Melbourne.
“We are always changing our prints and adding new designs each season,” says Catherine.
“Our designs offer simple line design, practicality and use wonderful prints so they inspire the artist in all of us and make our customers feel they can make an individual fashion impact each time they head off for the day.”

CrvdZpSect_TreeSp93f_emAdding to the high fashion element, only a small run is printed of each design to ensure your snazzy print is the only one circulating the airport carousel.

CMD will be showcasing her new collection at the upcoming Fashion Exposedtrade show from 28-30 August at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre.
“We are looking forward to making a colourful splash at the fair, being part of the buzz of Fashion Exposed, meeting with many new clients that have not been introduced to our brand previously, as well as meeting up with our much enjoyed current customers,” says Catherine.

To register visit, here.

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