The top five key shoe trends

headshotFashion trends are not only important, they’re inevitable, and as the 2011 Shoe Fair rolls into Melbourne they’ll manifest in the clusters of sandals, heels, and over-the-knee boots that line the booths.  Understanding those trends is key to successful buying and selling, be they current trends that are sweeping the mainstream, or yet-to-be-realised trends that are starting to infiltrate the wardrobes of the early adopters.  Tania Braukamper from Fashionising.com reports.

Tania Braukamper is a writer, trend analyst, and the Editor of Fashionising.com. Now the most visited online fashion publication to be based in Australia, Fashionising.com is both a visual feast and trend resource for the consumer and fashion industry alike.

The Australian Shoe Fair largely amasses the key trends which are in full swing or on the near horizon, rather than those still seasons away. With that in mind, I have carefully selected the five key shoe trends to look out for when visiting the fair from August 28-30 at the Royal Exhibition Building.

1970s inspired footwear

chloe_for_opening_ceremonyYou’d be hard pressed not to notice the overwhelming wave of 1970s fever sweeping the fashion world, but it’s far from costume-hippie, instead leaning heavily to the glamorous/sophisticated side.
Think floppy felt hats, crochet, and shimmering blouses tucked into high-waisted pants.
Complimenting the clothing is, of course, a range of 70s-inspired footwear. Expect to see plenty of wood-stacking, platforms, and suede thigh-high boots.

chanel_clogsClogs and their evolutionary successors
Similarly, clogs have had a massive resurgence in the past few seasons. While their glam-grunge appeal has faded somewhat, you can still expect clogs to have a lingering presence. So what’s best to keep an eye on?

Their evolutionary successors: shoes that have clog-like elements, such as studding, without being full clogs.

See-by-CHOLE-biker_bootBiker and punk inspired

On another end of the spectrum is the range of footwear inspired by the punk movement, and biker trend. Both trends that lean heavily to rock-chic influence these are likely to be chunky, buckled, and made from black leather (or animal prints, for the more daring).

Valentino-Kitten-Heels_optKitten and mid-heels

The influence of Mad Men on fashion was that a smaller trend towards 50s and 60s ladylike dressing emerged. We see this as evolving, beyond 2011, into later 1960s inspirations.

From here out it’s less Betty Draper/Joan Holloway and more Jean Shrimpton/Jane Birkin – but either way the end result is a re-found acceptance of mid-heels. A rejoice for the comfort of women everywhere, kitten heels and mid-heels (though not for everyone) will have a much wider clientele than they’ve had in previous seasons.

shoes-heels-colin01yellowneonpat_1Bright block colours

For Spring. expect to see plenty of bold colours splashing their way onto sandals and heels.
From neon brights to jewel tones, spring and summer will see lots of shoes that are made to make an outfit pop.

All images via Google images

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