Stylish kids shoes, naturally

CHIPIE_ENFANT_ETE_2011-3Kids are constantly on the go, running instead of walking and tripping over constantly while they find their feet. So needless to say, their footwear doesn’t stand a chance in surviving the high energy days of play without a strong product to withstand the daily wear and tear.
Thankfully Chipie has developed a clever canvas kids shoe made entirely from natural linen that’s resilient to high impact and tough enough to play all day. But just because it’s strong, doesn’t mean it compromises on fashion. The latest collection is full of bright colours and fun fashion trends to keep your child laughing all the way to the playground.

The quality is in the Strobel construction of the sole’s stitching. Instead of simply sticking the insole on, the top of the shoe is actually sewed onto the insole using zig-zag stitching along the edges. Then the sole is moulded on. The advantage of the Strobel construction is the shoe’s flexibility and the fit. You can feel the comfort in every step.

On top of its quality construction and high fashion element, the major bonus of the Chipie shoe is its green tick. With is rubber sole and 100% natural canvas – free from harmful substances – Chipie received the `made in green’ certification.

And for extra kiddie fun, the sole is perfumed with a strawberry bubblegum flavour – yum.

For the next summer ’12 range, the Chipie collection takes inspiration from children’s daily journey’s of discovery. The washed canvas and natural linen is given an ethnic appeal taking kids on a `romantic safari’ with flowers, folk prints, earthy tones, and faded leather details.

With a history in shoe manufacturing since 1967, Chipie are proud to offer trendy kids shoes for the modern little princess.
View the complete range at the Australian Shoe Fair from 28-30 August at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre.

To register, visit

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