A Fitting Tradition

womensWith a history of shoemaking since 1825, Clarks have developed a loyal following of customers who seek quality footwear that fits, with maximum comfort and style. But for Clarks Brand Manager, Tim Jackson `fit’ is too broad a word.
“Fit means applying exact measurements to sizing from the smallest child’s shoe to the largest men’s and following this through, particularly with children, where the growth factor is so important and therefore different widths are required in each size,” he says.
It’s this dedication to achieving the right fit for each individual foot that has ensured the brand’s longevity.

Another secret to their long term success is their focus on innovation with a variety of technologies within their shoe construction. One of their longest serving features is `Active Air, which helps create air conditioning under and around the foot as well as adding soft and supportive comfort. Another popular element is the US-developed `Un structured’ series in both men’s and women’s shoe styles. But unlike their name suggests, Tim says the range is cleverly designed to be one of the `lightest, most comfortable and flexible everyday styles you can put on your feet’.

mensDespite the constant change in fashion trends, Clarks stay true to their key styles with less focus on having a fashionable edge. Their popular men’s style, Nature was launched over 30 years ago but still sells just as strong today.

This historical tradition of comfort, quality and fit is across the entire Clarks collection, but perhaps their most popular footwear is their children’s range with the most extensive range of sizes and width fittings.
“In fact, I believe the Clarks key school shoes coming in, up to 165 size / width options in just the one shoe, provides possibly the best fitting choice in the world,” he says.
Combining the right length with growing room and the right width with growing room is an absolute integral feature of the Clarks children’s footwear collection, and is an essential factor in the correct formation for growth in young children.
“It amazes me that so few understand that footwear is a rigid material and if not suitably wrapped around growing feet, the potential for harm is high,” says Tim.

clarks_kidsIn line with their specialist kids range, Clarks recently introduced the First Steps collection for infants. These `very soft’ shoes provide some protection from harmful objects, warmth and a base for infants to gain balance and support as they take their early walking steps.

With their pride in quality philosophy, Clarks has gone on to become the largest selling brand of ladies and men’s casual footwear in the world with 50 million pairs sold globally.
“We must be doing something right,” says Tim.

Clarks will show at the Australian Shoe Fair from August 28-30 at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre.

To register, visit

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