Chanelling the inner bohemian… head jewellery

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Whether you feel like tripping through the daisies with a pocket full of dreams at sunset, or you’re just in the mood to channel Nicole Richie’s bohemian style at your next dinner party, head jewellery is the perfect accessory to transport you into the gypset style.
It’s also becoming a very popular option for hippy-esque weddings and barefoot brides who prefer a relaxed country setting or beach-side glamour.
Personally, this is a great fun piece I love to don just traipsing around the city on my day’s off. There are certainly plenty of options out there, and it might be fun to have a bit of DIY play with this too.
Especially if you have a few old chains lying around.

Here are my top head piece picks;

This Luv Aj Spike head piece is a great price, simple design, vintage colour and looks comfortable in it’s placement on the head. The style would go well with any outfit. Luv Aj is a great go-to for other jewellery and accessories too.

The Chains of Love is a wonderful hand-made site with awesome body jewellery and this headpiece is also up there with the best.
She loves to rework vintage chains into her designs and she has famous blog fans. Seen above worn by 5 inch and Up and below onKrystal Simpson of What is Reality Anyway?

Litter is another design duo conspired by two sisters with a habit for turning junk into jewels. They are super famous in the United States with many a celebrity adorning their limbs with the cool collection.
Their head piece selection is by far one of the most diverse and largest I have seen anywhere. Something for all events, styles and personalities.
But because they are all hand-made one-offs, you have to constantly check in to the site for new products because their best styles sell out quickly.

And finally, we come to a new designer from Etsy seen here on the Gary Pepper Vintage blogger Nicole Warne.
This California Sunshine Headpiece was designed by Moorea Seal out of Seattle. This piece is also made from vintage chains and old jewellery, so you are not only purchasing a wonderful, and inexpensive, head piece but you are also contributing to the environment. Not to mention the art of craftsmanship.

What do you think of the gypsy head piece trend? Will you be wearing this look?
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