Spanx – the S word in shapewear

spanx_runway_R2E0014Sexy, svelte, and streamlined silhouettes were the descriptive tag used for the models at Gary Bigeni as they sashayed down the runway in his figure-hugging designs for his recent Australian Fashion Week show.
Flicking through the backstage shots in this case was more entertaining than the runway. When gazing upon these otherworldly creatures with seemingly superhuman proportions, it’s difficult to fault them.

They are beautiful freaks of nature with their gazelle-like proportions of enviable long, lithe limbs, which is why it was so strange to see their tiny frames squeezed into nude-toned undergarments, or more commonly known as Spanx. For most of us, the term goes hand in hand with a mental image of big-briefed, high-waisted underwear traditionally referred to as the `hello mummy’ style from popular movie Bridgette Jones, great for hiding the odd bump and bulge under your clothing.

But the real reason, we’re told, why Bigeni joined forces with the Spanx brand was to provide `optimum shape and a streamlined body’ beneath his form-fitting designs.
Now all of a sudden Spanx were given a luxury tag, coveted by trend-driven editors and fierce fashionistas. Everyone, of all shapes and sizes, are suddenly looking to the brand more than ever to enhance their figure in the hope they will resemble his runway glamours.

spanx_Short_Hot_PinkBut Spanx aren’t a new phenomenon, the brand is celebrating ten years of `improving rear views and slimming silhouettes’, offering a simple solution without sacrificing comfort.

The flesh-flavoured briefs promise to deliver `innovative body shapewear solutions’ thanks to the latest in shaping technology.

And just like your differing figures, there’s a different style to suit. Like the Mama SPANX® designed to support and grow with you and your baby bump during the nine-month gestation, an absolute lifesaver for mumma’s-to-be.

Beyonce, Jessica Alba, Cameron Diaz, Madonna, Kim Kardashian, Gwyneth Paltrow and Nicole Kidman are all famous fans. While none of them look like they need help hiding unwanted bumps or lumps, we’re told they wouldn’t dare walk a red carpet without the tummy trimmers. Another major benefit, is they also minimise the annoying vpl (visible panty lines) because let’s be honest, the paparazzi cameras are often unforgiving.

To view the range, head to

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