diana ferrari – a fitting addition to the Australian Shoe Fair

Founded in 1979, diana ferrari has evolved from a small leather shoe making factory to one of Australia’s most recognised and much loved brands. diana ferrari has built its reputation on providing a quality product that consumers can feel confident wearing, with all the feminine touches the modern Australian woman has come to expect from the brand.

In 1983, supersoft by diana ferrari was introduced into the range, to further strengthen the brand portfolio. Supersoft is a trusted comfort footwear brand that meets the needs of consumer’s everyday lifestyle. Today, supersoft by diana ferrari, is one of Australia’s leading comfort brands and it continues to build upon its coveted position as a market leader within the industry.

Now 2011 sees the launch of multifit by diana ferrari, an orthotic friendly range of shoes that can be adjusted for the exact fit customers are after. The removable footbeds combine a perfectly balanced mix of foam densities for better shock absorption with natural leather finishes for added softness and comfort. When customers remove the multifit footbed they’ll find a fixed, latex foam and leather footbed beneath it. This gives them the option for extra room or the flexibility to add their own orthotic inner sole.

It’s all part of the multifit product technology (see Illustration below).

Consumers will be encouraged to try out the multifit variations and let their feet really enjoy some extra comfort along with the perfect fit.

The multifit range will be available for delivery to stockists from August 2011 with recommended retail values ranging between $149.95 to $179.95.

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