Junk Clothing and Socialight

junk01Junk Clothing and Socialight are two very different brands, one fast fashion and the other a designer label, but Amanda Dolan of Downtown says “that together they work well”. Both brands will be on the same stand at the forthcoming Fashion Exposed in Melbourne, because in Amanda’s experience “retailers tend to take both labels and it provides a good cross-over for their customers”.

The Junk label is targeted at young women, it’s all about good styling, affordability and is very much in the Don’t Ask Amanda and All About Eve category.

Established in ’97 under the Downtown Clothing brand family, every Junk piece is designed with fun in mind. Over the last few years it has developed a strong fashion focus with regularly released collections supplemented by a hugely popular basics range.

With an emphasis on after five and weekend wear its focus is on bringing the latest international trends to fun loving Australian girls.

Socialight meanwhile garners a world wide following, with beautiful fabrics and its signature ‘clean yet directional pieces’. Socialight is a street-smart approach to dressing, with impeccable tailoring and simple styling.

junk02At Fashion Exposed Socialight will show a debut capsule collection for the edgy, forward and fashion starved with their Transeasonal Collection. It layers opaque and transparent materials over prints and strips, combining a neutral colour palette that combines a warm variety of putty beiges, lime, camel and pinky peaches all combined with splashes of black

Amanda explained that although the brands had very different design philosophy’s:
– Junk’s is ‘Stand out from the crowd you’re in, just because you can’t make seasonal trips to the fashion capitals of the world, doesn’t mean your type has to be compromised’
– Socialight though ‘will always uphold relevance to season and compliment the expressions and attitudes of today’s myriad street culture which each garment adopting the personality of its wearer’.

She also mentioned that “differing design philosophy’s translate into very different styles of clothing which can both be appealing to the same person”.

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