Foot Locker art prize

Footlocker1One of Australasia’s most prestigious art prizes, The Archibald Prize, has been trumped by a new Sneaker Art Prize launched by Foot Locker, that’s set to shake up the art world and force people to question what can legitimately be called ‘art’.

The Foot Locker Art Prize: The World’s Richest Colouring Competition is awarding a first prize cash value of AU$50,001 – which exceeds the notorious Archibald Prize by $1.

The competition launches in light of new research conducted by Foot Locker that found only 11 per cent of Australians consider sneaker art to be a legitimate form of art – compared to sculpture (87%), portraits (86%), photography (82%) and theatre (80%), which were seen as the most legitimate forms of art.

Interestingly, less Australians consider tattoos (31%) and graffiti (21%) to be ‘art’ – with Sneaker Art coming out as the least legitimate form of art, even less than Fingernail Art (15%)!

Joining Foot Locker Australasia’s mission to turn the art world on its head is a host of world-renowned brands and a raft of renowned artists and Competition judges – including UK Artist, Dave White, Sneaker Freaker magazine Editor, Simon ‘Woody’ Wood and Australian art critic, Andrew Frost.

Editor of well-known magazine Sneaker Freaker and Competition judge, Simon ‘Woody’ Wood was shocked at the results of the survey and is encouraging all Australians and New Zealanders to pick up a pen, mouse, brush or whatever it takes to get involved and give Sneaker Art its rightful space on a gallery wall.

“Sneakers have become such an integral part of everyone’s lives, beyond just shoe customisation. Foot Locker Australasia has recognised this through the launch of the Art Prize, which tugs at the sleeve of anyone that has ever lived and breathed sneakers. It encourages self-expression, but with an outstanding cash prize reward – all while trying to prove that 89 per cent that question the legitimacy of Sneaker Art, wrong. That makes it pretty cool in my book!”

Footlocker2UK Artist, Dave White, who pioneered Sneaker Art as a platform for a collection of his paintings, says that the Foot Locker Prize is sure to ruffle some feathers in the art world.

“Sneaker Culture is already part of the art world. There is a movement of contemporary artists who have collaborated with sneaker companies with their own designs and artwork. They already exhibit internationally in galleries and museums and the sneaker projects are part of their portfolio.

“Foot Locker has sat up and paid attention to this – putting down a first prize $50,001 Australian dollar deal sealer will ensure for once and for all that the art community cannot and will not forget Sneaker Art.

“I’m thrilled to be on board as a judge of the Foot Locker Art Prize: The World’s Richest Colouring Competition and can’t wait to see the entries from the worlds of street art, contemporary art, Fine Art, students and sneaker heads. I look forward to seeing the artwork, which I am sure will be unique and original. This is a life changing opportunity for people who love sneakers and art.”

Well-known Australian Art Critic and Competition judge Andrew Frost said, “I’m excited to see what the artists come up with for this fantastic prize. Real art is always about pushing the boundaries and in my view Sneaker Art is just as credible as other so-called ‘legitimate’ and more widely recognised forms of art. I hope this competition cements it once and for all and gives a loud voice to Sneaker Artists trying to stamp their credibility on the art world.”

The Foot Locker Art Prize opens on April 6 with entry forms available to all residents of Australia and New Zealand via Foot Locker stores or at Under 13, Under 18 and Open categories are available in addition to a People’s Choice – perfect for kids (and big kids) of all ages.

Entries close June 20 2011. Full competition terms and conditions are available from

In addition to the aforementioned experts, a number of Artists have completed examples of Sneaker Art in honour of the Foot Locker Art Prize, including:

• Danielle O’Brien – Fine Artist
• Riki Salam – Indigenous Artist
• Angus Hasler-Bail – Year 11 school student

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