Revamped Pizzuto returns

Pizzuto_1Sydney based womenswear brand Pizzuto is preparing to promote its recent re-branding at the upcoming Melbourne Fashion Exposed.

Pizzuto designer director Suzie Rose Vella confirmed the Pizzuto brand had been out of production for a short stint to allow the company to focus on the more recently launched Pink Sparrow brand. Pizzuto’s return to the market signalled a new direction, she said.

“We’re rebranding Pizzuto as an exclusively evening and cocktail wear brand and moving away from daywear completely.”

Set to comprise around 20 styles, the revamped Pizzuto was currently sampling, she confirmed, with the brand’s signature look signalling a return its original handwriting, described as “feminine, sleek and flowing”.

Meanwhile, Pink Sparrow, launched as the “younger sister” to Pizzuto, had evolved dramatically.

“Pink Sparrow was originally launched as a girly, pretty brand, but it’s now very much in the “urban funky” style. We’ve had an amazing response this season, with the entire range already sold out; we’ve had to re-cut the whole collection.”

With a showcase planned for Fashion Week in May, Pizzuto had its sights set on expanding both locally and internationally.

“We’re particularly keen on targeting the LA market. We really think we could do well there.”

The upcoming Fashion Exposed would see both Pizzuto and Pink Sparrow targeting new customers.

“Given the re-brand of Pizzuto, we’re particularly interested in targeting high end boutiques.”

Pizzuto and Pink Sparrow will be on show at Fashion Exposed from 28 to 30 August at Melbourne Exhibition Centre, with the fair co-located with the Australian Shoe Fair and the Bags & Accessories Fair.

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