The style equation

Eryn_Behan_headshotClean lines and figures provide the perfect formula for A/W 11/12 dressing, as GTC’s Eryn Behan reports. 

Eryn Behan is director of Ginger Trend Consulting, a leading provider of fashion forecast services and consumer insight trends to the fashion and interior design industries throughout Australasia.

In April 2010 Mpdclick published its forecast trends for autumn/winter 2012.

‘Innovate’ heralded science as the saviour of our modern world, with the race for new discovery pushing a scientific aesthetic. Maths formed the backbone of the trend’s ‘Quantum’ direction celebrating carefully calculated shapes, linear silhouettes and geometric panels, graphics and prints.

With Paris Fashion Week closing the autumn/winter 11/12 season recently a deluge of ‘Quantum’ infused looks have stormed the international runways, confirming that this mathematical look is soon to hit the stores. Savvy street stylers are already bagging and customising whatever geometric goodies they can find to be the first to create the powerful high fashion look.


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