Fashion brand’s winning formula

Windsor_Smith_w250Fashion footwear brands Windsor Smith & Lipstik are preparing to launch an expanded range taking its influence directly from the world’s latest trends.

Windsor Smith & Lipstik Shoes national sales manager Jules Szep indicated the company was looking forward to a buoyant trading season, which would see the release of new women’s styles channelling the latest directional trends.

“We will be expanding our winning formula from last summer, where we successfully owned the only three ‘must have’ looks for the season, which were: summer boots, espadrilles and clogs. To this we will be adding some great new sexy heels and wedges with some glitz and glamour, incorporating the latest material trends from around the world.”

“We want to promote how important brands are when things get tough. People seem to confuse brands with labels these days, and it’s a big difference. Brands have a perceived value, and hence the consumer feels special and at the same time comfortable when purchasing them.”

Strong supporters of the Australian Shoe Fair over the years, Windsor Smith & Lipstik had weathered soft retail thanks to a differentiated offer and standout responsiveness, he said.

“We are having an absolute ball right now, because we are identifying the key looks early, promoting them and backing them with quick repeats, which in turn are successfully driving the consumer into the stores that promote our brands. We hope to gain increasing respect and support from retailers, as they seek improvement in top line sales.”

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