Costliest ad targets youth

Adidas_ad.300Touted as the most expensive advertisement the sports brand has ever made, Adidas’ latest campaign is targeting young audiences with celebrities as well as sports stars.

As reported by marketing media outlet Mumbrella, the global ad, which stars David Beckham, NBA basketball player Derick Rose and Belgian mountain biker Kenny Belaey, had relevance for the youth market, Adidas Australia managing director Greg Kerr said.

“The bull’s eye for us are 14 to 19 year olds. Relevance is critical and we’re targeting them with who they know. I don’t think there’s a young person in the world who doesn’t know of David Beckham,” said Kerr.

The ad also features non-sports stars including Katy Perry, rapper BoB, French hip hop producer DJ Medhi and LA rock band The Like to give the brand greater affiliation with the music and fashion worlds.

“For the first time, an Adidas ad is not linked to a specific sport or sporting icon. We want to talk to everyone from a hardcore athlete to a fashionista,” said Kerr.

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