Quality & style go hand in glove

Glove_exhibitionAn exclusive and eye-catching showcase of the ‘crème de la crème’ of French glove-making will be a key feature at the upcoming Fashion Exposed.

Established by the French Glove Federation and Centre for the Economic Development of Leather, Footwear and Leathergoods., along with leading French trade show Premiere Classe, The Glove Exhibiton is the result of a collaboration between top accessories designers and France’s most renowned glove makers.

Having shown internationally in cities including Paris, Dubai and Montreal, the exhibition has seen high profile glove specialists including Agnelle, Atelier du Gantier, Gant Causse, Ganterie de Saint-Junien, Georges Morand et Lesdiguières Barnier participating in the project.

Using the finest skins, the artisans leveraged their expertise to serve the creativity of the designers, resulting in a unique pair of gloves that promote the quality, originality and modernity of French-made gloves.

An insight both into French style and the ability of leading edge creators to remain innovative in a traditional field, The Glove Exhibition will be a key feature of the French labels showcased at Fashion Exposed.

The Glove Exhibition will be on display at Fashion Exposed from 6-8 March at Sydney Exhibition Centre.

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