Menswear challenger hits fair

Wayward_Heir_1New exhibitor Wayward Heir will add some roguish charm to the menswear offer at Fashion Exposed when it debuts at the Sydney fair.

Launched for winter 2009 as a fashion collection by Wellington based suiting specialist Rembrandt, the new label was conceived as a “younger brother” to the Rembrandt brand, with suits retailing from $499 and shirts from $99, confirmed Rembrandt sales manager Deane O’Sullivan.

“Wayward Heir combines a young, roguish confidence with Rembrandt’s expert finish. The brand features slimmer cut suits, combined with fabrics that are a little bit daring and will appeal to many, offering a blend of youth and sophistication. With sumptuous linings and details, Wayward Heir really is a touch of luxury for the younger guy wanting to make his mark with style.”

Showing for the first time at Fashion Exposed, the brand planned to build on its presence in the Australian market with select menswear stockists in Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Perth, Adelaide and Melbourne as well as a number of regional centres,
O’Sullivan confirmed

Wayward_Heir_2_sharp“Wayward Heir has a strong following with many for its suiting, however Fashion Exposed is an opportunity to further showcase the other elements of the collection, including shirts, ties, casualwear and outerwear. We’re targeting quality fashion retailers who are looking to grow their business with a dynamic suit brand.”

“Wayward Heir is the the perfect solution for the young Australian male looking to inject a sharp sophistication into his dressing. It has the personality of a casual brand (something of a rarity in tailored clothing) and embodies the spirit of roguish confidence, in-built in those with more than their fair share. Charming and compelling, the Wayward Heir man has a sophisticated manner of dressing, featuring the slight yet significant details that tell of a certain boldness of character. The Wayward Heir way of dressing completes a sophisticated, confident look with a little extra.”

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