A world of lingerie

Baci_250Despite being a relatively new player in the intimates game, Baci Lingerie is taking the global market by storm, and the next stop on its whirlwind tour is Australia.

An intoxicating combination of lustrous product and attainable prices, Baci is the fruit of a global collaboration of design teams from Italy, Paris, Hong Kong and Miami, with product made in China and Taiwan. The brand offers a dazzlingly broad range of well designed, high quality lingerie, hosiery and accessories, supported through solid marketing collateral including standout photography, artwork and packaging.

Backed by a revolutionary but simple philosophy of offering sophisticated designs at a low retail prices but with a generous margin for the retailer, Baci’s approach has already sparked impressive uptake on the international scene, with an ambition to become the dominant player in global lingerie leading to around 17 partnership agreements around the world. Now Baci is making its presence felt down under through its attendance at Fashion Exposed, promoting an offer that seems tailor made for both Australian retailers and consumers alike. As one spokesperson for the brand recently put it,

“We want a wide range of women to experience the feeling of putting on extremely sexy lingerie, and for men to experience the excitement of buying it. It’s all about ‘Affordable Luxury’.”

“We’ve found that the public loves the products. They are buying four or five items at one time, when they would have only got one product for the same money with other brands.”

Baci will be on show as part of the lingerie and intimates offering at Fashion Exposed from 6 to 8 March at Sydney Exhibition Centre.

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