Fantasia gets fashionable

Eryn Behan

Eryn Behan

Walt Disney Signature has teamed up with three designers to launch a high-end, accessories line inspired by animated classic Fantasia, as Eryn Behan from Mudpie reports.

Eryn Behan is director of Ginger Trend Consulting, the exclusive agent for UK trend forecaster Mudpie and its online platform MPDClick, and a provider of fashion forecast services and consumer insight trends to the fashion and interior design industries throughout Australasia.

The collection will coincide with the upcoming November release of Fantasia and Fantasia 2000 in a special collector’s edition on Blu-ray and DVD.

The three designer collections are:

Hayden-Harnett for sand-washed silk scarves depicting scenes from the ‘Rite of Spring,’ ‘Ave Maria’ and ‘Night on Bald Mountain’ sequences. The line will also include studded leather cuffs, handbags and wallets. It will be available in December at Hayden-Harnett’s Brooklyn and Nolita stores, on Haydenharnett.com and at select retailers.

Noir for a capsule jewellery collection, featuring elements inspired by the ‘Rite of Spring’ scenes. The pieces will be available in November at high-end retailers nationwide and at Noirjewelry.com.

Mudpie_1Robin Rotenier for a line of sterling silver cufflink and jewellery designs depicting the scene when the brooms and buckets come to life, as well as the ‘Desert Dunes’ and ‘Bright Shining Sun’ segments. A men’s collection is available this month at Bergdorf Goodman, and a men’s and women’s national launch will follow in October.

“The film’s powerful iconic images from the whimsical to the mysterious make it a great bounty for designers and inspired them to create these timeless yet modern pieces that offer something for the Fantasia collector, as well as the fashionista looking for on-trend designs,” says Pam Lifford, executive vice president of global fashion and home at Disney Consumer Products.

“These accessories embody the spirit of Fantasia and bring it to life in new ways. Disney’s collaboration with these top designers continues to expand our brand further into the fashion sphere.”


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