Infantwear a gift to buyers

Just_Hatched_1Adding a dose of fun and magic to the childrenswear offering at Fashion Exposed, infant clothing brand Just Hatched will be showcasing its gift-friendly offer at the fair with a view to wooing new customers.

Just Hatched co-founder Jeff Stuart confirmed the brand had been launched 10 years ago after he and his wife and co-founder Fiona Stuart spotted market for price attainable infantwear that could offer a value add through gift packaging.

“Over 55 per cent of the money spent on newborn children is by people other than their parents, so there’s definitely a great opportunity there.”

Many Just Hatched products came ready-packaged for the purpose of such giving, with a typical example comprising three hangers with a baby-grow, body suit and bib, he said.

A childrenswear veteran hailing from the founding family of kidswear supplier C Stuart, with whom Just Hatched will be sharing a stand at Fashion Exposed, Stuart said childrenswear remained a strong market for suppliers who knew how to meet consumer demand.

“We have had a long standing arrangement with independent stores across Australia and New Zealand.”

Just Hatched will be on show at Fashion Exposed from 6 to 8 March 2011 at Sydney Exhibition Centre.


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