Relationship guidance for shoe lovers

PrincessLike many women, Tanya Williams possesses a zeal for shoes that borders on obsession. Unlike many women, it led her to quit her corporate job and launch an online custom-made shoe business. Here, in her new Shoe Fair Online blog, the Princess Chic founder shares her shoe views and news. 

We all know women love shoes, but just as we have different relationships with our family and friends, we have different relationships with our shoes. Here are some of mine…

Steady relationship
These are the good old faithful shoes – you can wear them everywhere and they always look good. For me it is a pair of custom made nude platform peep toes. They go with everything, are comfortable and stand out just enough.

Casual relationship
These are usually those on-trend shoes you just had to have… at the time. You were never really ‘in love’ with them when you bought them. Perhaps the salesperson talked you into it or a friend urged you on. Whatever the reason your heart was never really in it and the relationship was only ever designed to be short lived. A shoe fling!

True love
When you first saw them your heart skipped a beat and your knees went weak. You are in love, the attraction was instant and the spark will always be there, guaranteeing this pair a prime position in the wardrobe.

Love/hate relationship
They may look amazing, but honestly you hate wearing them. These are usually referred to as ‘taxi shoes’, designed to be worn from taxi to restaurant and most definitely not for traipsing the streets looking for your next watering hole.

Dysfunctional relationship
You are not supposed to like these shoes, yet you do. There is some common ground but you are not emotionally involved in this relationship. Perhaps you are bored or resent them for taking up room in an already overfull wardrobe. You are likely to wear these shoes less and less until the relationship eventually withers and dies.

Soul mates
These are the perfect style, heel height, have just the right amount of adornment and make you feel like a princess every single time you wear them. There is absolutely nothing you would do to change them. No matter how you are feeling, they will give you a lift. They are your shoe sole mate!

Whatever your shoe relationships remember that key rule – any relationship is a two way street, Love and cherish your shoes. Look after them and they will look after you.


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