Interior designer transforms fashion

White_labelBuilt on simplicity and style, White Label by Noba Design is poised to showcase its offer for curvier women when it hits Fashion Exposed in Sydney.

White Label founder Tracey Watkins, an interior designer by profession under the Noba Design banner, worked for Maggie T during her studies, meanwhile nurturing a desire to create alluring, simple fashions for 14+ women

“My style mantra has always been simple, simple lifestyle, simple interiors, and simple fashion. As a child I always had to have everything matching from shoes, dresses and hair ribbons. Growing up I tweaked and designed my wardrobe out of frustration for not being able to find clothes. As a result, women would approach me as to where I found my clothes – as they, like myself, struggled to find lifestyle clothing for those of us who are curvier.”

Centred around quality fabrics such as luxe cottons and silks, the White Label aesthetic is all about feminine detailing, fluid fabrics, and ruffles and bows.

White Label will be on show from at Fashion Exposed from 6-8 March at Sydney Exhibition Centre.

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