Clarks campaign thinks big

Clarks_2_sharpPacific Brands has promoted its new Clarks adult shoe range and a raft of store openings with a campaign built around a giant pair of shoes “comfortable enough to live in”.

With the campaign designed to showcase the Clarks Adult brand and a raft of store openings across New South Wales in Kotara, Penrith and Parramatta, the Clarks Westfield Parramatta store opening featured an installation comprising two giant shoes, each measuring around 8 metres by 2 metres, with the entire set measuring 10 metres by 8 metres and playing home to two real-life shoe inhabitants scheduled to live on-set during centre opening hours.

Designed to highlight that Clarks shoes are “so comfortable you can live in them”, the promotion reportedly proved a crowd pleaser, with shoppers stopping to take photos before heading in store for a chance to win free Clarks shoes for the next 10 years.

As reported in online marketing media, Pacific Brands marketing manager Michelle Maughan said the key objective of the campaign was to raise awareness of the popular UK brand.

“Clarks is one of the world’s most successful adult and children’s shoe brands and has an international network of over one thousand stores. We have always had a market-leading children’s footwear business in Australia, and introducing the adult product is a natural progression from this, filling a significant gap in the market with a high quality, well designed product at a competitive price point.”

“Our key challenge was to leverage the success of Clarks Children’s Shoes, being quality and comfort, and communicate this in the launch of the Clarks Adults range. What better way to demonstrate comfort than to produce shoes that can be lived in?”

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