Style for boys of all ages

Maurio_300Sydney based men’s and boys’ apparel specialist Maurio will be promoting a number of new additions to its existing offer at the upcoming Fashion Exposed.

Maurio’s Peter Yu said a key focus for the March 2011 event would be on promoting its newest label Cartane, launched to the market in 2009.

“The Cartane silhouette and material are specially designed to meet a high demand from the Australian youth market. It is an extremely strong collection line and a remarkable balance between formal and sportswear,” he said.

“We will also introduce a new collection of our signature label, Maurio, which, complementing Cartane is a high-design brand for executive men. The material and construction are carefully picked to create a sophisticated and complete look. Our Cartane and Maurio collections are designed to co-ordinate with everything in a stylish man’s wardrobe.”

Established in 1994, Maurio is one of Australia’s leading manufacturers, importers and wholesalers of tailored clothing for men and boys, Offering an extensive product range targeting special occasions and corporate needs, the Maurio range comprises classic pieces such as suits, shirts, trousers and neckwear guaranteeing high quality fabric, trimming, cut, make and finish. Meanwhile Cartane offered casual looks for the discerning consumers with an appreciation of quality and style. A third label in the Maurio stable, Ogee was developed to satisfy the need for quality boys wear, offering a full range of boy’s suits, shirts and neckties.

Maurio had participated in Fashion Exposed for ten years in a row, Yu said, only skipping the autumn/winter event for couple of years due to a busy schedule.

“We’ve always been very excited about every single Fashion Exposed in which we have participated,” he said. “It’s a good opportunity to meet new customers from across Australia as well as our regular ones.”

Maurio will showcase its newest releases at Fashion Exposed from 6-8 March 2011 at Sydney Exhibition Centre.

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