Bra Queen – Could a business coach destroy your business?

Renne Mayne

Renne Mayne

In the lead up to her Fashion Exposed workshops, Bra Queen Renee Mayne explains why the right attitude is crucial to getting the most from your business coach and evolving as a business.

Renee Mayne – Bra Queen

Could a business coach destroy your business?

…Why on earth would a business coach say such a thing?

Clearly I’m not trying to talk myself out of a job. What I’m getting at however, is the need to understand your own motivations for being in business and the difference between industry leaders and the rest of the crowd.

Let me explain. When I introduce myself to someone as a business coach, most people will say “I don’t need a business coach. I’ve been in business for 30 years. I know everything there is to know.”

Bra_Queen_biz_coachWhile I haven’t suggested that they need a business coach, it’s assumed I’m implying this, and the result can sometimes be a defensive response.

Note: These business owners belong to the 70 per cent who are “doing quite nicely thank you.”

Then I will meet other business owners and they say: “It’s so nice to meet someone who’s as passionate as I am, I need to work with you.” Note: These belong to the one per cent who really are industry leaders, at the forefront of driving change.

In other words, 70 per cent of businesses will most likely be a “doing quite nicely thank you” business and only one per cent want to be at the forefront….the industry leaders. So you need to ask yourself which one you are.

Crucial Fact: The difference between the 70 per cent and the one per cent is the ability to take calculated risks and when the strategy doesn’t work, change it. This is where the 70 per cent can fall down.

To move from the 70 per cent to the one per cent, consider this: If you’ve had to change your strategy, it’s not that you’ve made a bad decision; it just means you needed to test the waters. You have not failed, so don’t beat yourself up or get defensive about it. Just change tactics.

Effecting change is arguably the most challenging aspect of business, but it’s certainly not impossible.

Change Management

Bra_Queen_change_2If you think about how The Biggest Loser’s commando interacts with contestants, initially there are tears of frustration, anger, and resistance to training on their part. Why? When you take someone out of their comfort zone their defence mechanisms go up. It’s human nature. Most people are creatures of habit and dislike change. However embracing and maintaining change is crucial to evolving your business. Make it your business to go to industry events and discuss on things on an open playing field. There must be trust, drive, consistency, determination a thirst to succeed… and ultimately a driving passion for your business.

Talking of industry events, I’m really looking forward to seeing you at Fashion Exposed. If you have any questions you would like me to answer during the workshop, please email me at: renee@braqueen.com.au

Renee Mayne – Bra Queen

Comprising two 30-minute sessions targeting the lingerie sector and covering key topics including cost effective, innovative marketing and boosting your business through proactive service and sales, the Bra Queen workshops will take place at 11.45 a.m. on Sunday 29 and Monday 30 August, at Fashion Exposed, Melbourne Exhibition Centre. 


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