Errol Arendz’ new distribution

Denstock_Errol_Arendz_1Footwear company Denstock has picked up the distribution rights to high end South African brand Errol Arendz, promising a firm footing in the Australasian market for the label.

Denstock managing director Glenn Lill confirmed the agreement was clinched at the most recent Australian Shoe Fair in Melbourne, where Denstock was promoting architecture inspired footwear brand United Nude.

“We met up with the representatives from Errol Arendz at the fair and they liked what we could offer them,” he said. “Previously they had no distributor in this market and were going it alone. There will definitely be synergies with our stockist network with the United Nude brand, which is also sufficiently different from Errol Ardenz to complement rather than compete with it.”

Created by the South African born designer of the same name, the high glamour Errol Arendz brand is a favourite with celebrities including Joan Collins, Shakira Cain, Joanna Lumley and Sharon Stone. Lill said the brand was structured for an exclusive, high end distribution.

Denstock_Errol_Arendz_2“The great thing about Errol Arendz is that the minimums are very small, which means we can be strategic with boutiques that are real fashion flagships and are happy to take as few as six pairs.”

Denstock would also showcase the entire United Nude collection at the show.

“United Nude is a complete original and unique proposition. It’s an architecture and design inspired range co-founded by famous architect Rem D Koolhaas and UK shoemaker Galahad Clark. It’s an amazing collection; there are shoes in there with heels that look resemble aspects of an Eames chair, and so on. There’s nothing else on the market like it.”

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