Enduring Legacy – Converse & the master’s touch

Eryn Behan

Eryn Behan

The iconic status of Converse has been given added piquancy thanks to an inspiring new take on its premium label First Sting. Ahead of her forthcoming forecast at Fashion Exposed (taking place alongside Australian Shoe Fair and the Bags & Accessories Fair), Mudpie’s Eryn Behan reports.

Eryn Behan is director of Ginger Trend Consulting, the exclusive agent for UK trend forecaster Mudpie and its online platform MPDClick, and a provider of fashion forecast services and consumer insight trends to the fashion and interior design industries throughout Australasia.

This season, the art of traditional Italian shoemaking has been re-mastered by Ryusaku Hiruma for the second collection of Converse’s premium label, First String.

Based in Florence for over a decade, Hiruma has learnt from the true masters of shoe craftsmanship. Using the classic ‘Jack Purcell’ and ‘One Star 1974’ designs as inspiration, he has created a timeless interpretation which reiterates the legacy of the brand as well as its strongly held value of age-old skill. In either off-white or black, these precious creations are made totally by hand, down to every perforated detail and stitch.

The personality of Converse is further shown through a cut out star detail in the vintage tan leather laces, and, adding a premium factor, the leather soles are printed akin to rubber.

The collection’s sense of extravagance and nostalgia, imbued with the value of restoring heirlooms, links it seamlessly with one of Mpdclick’s upcoming trends for the spring/summer 2012 season.

Don’t miss Mudpie’s Autumn/Winter 11/12 trend forecast on Sunday 29 August at 9.30am at Fashion Exposed. To book, visit https://tickets.aec.net.au/default/shop

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