Retail body lobbies new Government

ARA_FiebigerThe Australian Retailers Association (ARA) has hailed the formation of a Labor minority Government as a welcome end to recent uncertainty, while putting in a plea on behalf of independent retailers.

In a statement released last week, ARA executive director Russell Zimmerman cited the recently released ‘ARA State of the Independent Retail Sector Report’, which revealed a view that Government didn’t give enough support to independent retailers, “despite the fact they each provide jobs for an average five to ten staff, totalling over 108,000 Australians working for independent fashion, service station, newsagency and convenience stores across the country.”

Retailers and the wider business community hoped for “thorough consultation” before major government decisions were made and looked forward to working closely with the new Government and the Greens, now holding the balance of power in the Senate, Zimmerman said.

“The ARA expects the new minority Gillard Government to always give ample consideration to the important role the retail sector plays as Australia’s largest employer and the role small business plays as the engine room of the nation’s economy.

“Similarly, retailers would expect the Greens to use their balance of power in the Senate to ensure small and independent businesses are given political clout over any negotiation of legislation in the Senate.”

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