High impact brand a Melbourne triumph

Rockin_Reptile_w250Gold Coast based high fashion brand Rockin’ Reptile is preparing to conquer new markets following its latest showing at The Australian Shoe Fair in Melbourne.

Managing director Natalie Lomas confirmed her aim for the show had been to launch Rockin’ Reptile into the Melbourne market. Having released Rockin’ Reptile to the Australian market “with a bang” at the Sydney fair in February, buyers were already attuned to the brand and eager to visit the Rockin’ Reptile stand, Lomas said.

“We have picked up new stores in Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Queensland from this week and the feedback has been more than encouraging.”

Overall the brand picked up more new stockists than expected, Lomas added, including some in the bridal and couture dress retail sector along with high fashion boutiques in Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria and Queensland.

Adorned with the brand’s latest feature poster (pictured), one wall of Rockin’ Reptile’s stand featured the Vogue everyday line and the other the Austrian Crystal “bling” line. The stand proved a buyer magnet throughout the show, Lomas said.

“Our handmade Austrian Crystal designs were definite standouts this show. Many passing buyers were quoting ‘magpie syndrome’, finding themselves attracted to shiny objects, as the reason their conversations stopped mid-stream and they had to enquire about our range.”

“New designs are available as of October 2010,” Lomax added. “In response to all of our bridal enquiries we will have our white and ivory satin styles photographed and included in our new look book, which will be emailed to everyone on our show mailing list over the coming weeks.”

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