Eco bag brand to launch at fair

Lalu_Lalu_w300A new eco friendly range of bags is set to showcase for the first time at the upcoming Australian Shoe Fair, co-located with the Bags & Accessories Fair and Fashion Exposed.

Lalu Lalu comprises a range of multi purpose bags, made from natural jute material and featuring leather and rope trims and detailing.

Founder Gail Turner, who derived the name of the brand from her niece Jodie’s way of saying ‘Lalu’ instead of ‘I love you’, said the brand was created to provide a fashionable alternative to plastic bags.

The resulting range was “versatile, functional and can be used for just about anything regardless of the occasion” she said.

“Jute material can be recycled as it is a natural fibre and the material will break down in the environment easily, can be composted and is carbon neutral. By buying these bags you are also helping some of the poorest people on the planet make a sustainable living.”

The brand would suit a wide variety of markets, she added.

“I can see our striped all-purpose bags looking great for a casual resort look to co-ordinate with casual footwear, while other styles are more suited to boutiques. There is something for everyone. At the moment we are selling to a small range of stores in NSW and Queensland, although we do have stockists in other states. We have only just started our journey but the signs look good and we have had re-orders, so it’s all very promising.”

“We need people to know who we are and what we can offer, and we look forward to them coming and having look at our stand.”

Lalu Lalu will be showcased at Australian Shoe Fair from 29-31 August at Melbourne Exhibition Centre.

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