Men’s shoes to get wed in

A new shoe label targeting the relatively uncharted territory of men’s event and wedding wear is planning to expand its brand recognition at the Melbourne Australian Shoe Fair. Pipal, which first launched at the Sydney fair earlier this year, is the result of extensive market research, confirmed director Patrick Qian.

“According to my findings, there are not many specialist brands for men in this sector in Australia,” he said. “We have around 25 styles in our range, in order to offer as broad an array of styles as possible.”

Retailing for between $100 and $200, the Sydney based label was manufactured by a high quality factory in China and included classic models as well as numerous innovative designs.

“A real point of difference with the shoes is that we’re using new materials on some of the styles. For example one of the styles combines denim with leather, while another uses elastic cloth and leather.”

Pipal was currently targeting specialist formal wear and wedding wear retailers but hoped to expand its retail reach going forward, he said.

“We believe there is real demand for this product, from retailers wishing to complement their apparel offer and consumers wanting something a little different. We offer styles that suit tastes from funky to classic.”

Pipal will showcase its ranges at Australian Shoe Fair from 29-31 August at Melbourne Exhibition Centre.

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