New brand hits top end design led market

United_Nude_final_300New Zealand fashion company Denstock is poised to make its first appearance at Australian Shoe Fair in August, where it will promote its newly acquired high end women’s footwear label United Nude.

Informed by a strong element of conceptual design and artistic flair, the first United Nude shoes were launched in the US in 2003 and the brand has since established itself as an iconic label, due to its fusion of design and fashion.

With the brand offering a broad range of ultra modern, innovative shoes, sandals, thongs and heels, the upcoming autumn winter 2010 season would see established Fold, Helix and Bubble style boots added to with new styles including the Ultra Loop Boot, a revolutionary shoe silhouette with an exclusive carbon fibre heel. Also new for the season would be the peep toe Cup Rock boot and Cup Roxie, drawing on military influences and United Nude’s architectural inspirations.

Denstock plans to promote the label to the Australian shoe sector as an exclusive, high end product targeting the top end of the market.

United Nude will be on display at Australian Shoe Fair from 29-31 August at Melbourne Exhibition Centre.

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