Bra Queen – Secrets behind successful start ups

Renne Mayne

Renne Mayne

Ahead of what promises to be an inspired seminar offering at Fashion Exposed this August, this issue sees Bra Queen  Renee Mayne talking speed, motivation and sales, sales, sales.

As a serial entrepreneur, I’m busy launching new ventures all the time. But how did I get in the position where I am able to do so? Today, I’m going share some big lessons on launching new ventures; lessons I didn’t get from text books, but from experience.

Lesson 1 – Speed and momentum
With only so much time in the world, speed is important. You need to push hard, especially at the start-up stage, to gain momentum and get the runs on the board. When you go slowly, nothing much happens, and your enthusiasm will falter as the weeks drag into months.

When launching a new company, a new venture or even a new collection, you need energy and commitment. If you’re not willing to put in the hours, especially at start-up stage, you’re best off with a job, not a business.

KeyWhen I’m in business-building mode, I don’t even think about taking a break or what time I finish, let alone taking a holiday. In fact, that’s the last thing on my mind… I’m too busy getting stuck in and building my new brand and business, whether it is seminars, coaching, TV presenting or my new book.

More than anything, speed gets results quickly. If results are bad, you can correct your course. After all, a business without any wins is as dead as a dinosaur, not only financially, but because your confidence takes a battering. And confidence is the number one thing we need in abundance.

Enthusiasm is everything! The hardest collection or product to sell will be the first. With my first seminar it was hard work to even fill the room, but once I gathered momentum they became so much easier to sell, which is the perfect lead into the second lesson I learnt.

Lesson 2 – Establish a following before you launch
Now is an exciting time to be in business. We have the technology and the know-how to create a community before we launch a business or a collection. We get to create hype and a buzz without having anything to sell. With my first business I didn’t have a client list or data base to draw from and it was a hard slog to create brand awareness. No matter how fantastic your collection or product is; if you don’t have customers looking at it then it’s not worth the hangers it’s dangling from.

Once I sold my business and Bra Queen was born, I took a different approach. My aim was to build a following first. Here’s how I did it:-

• I become an expert in my field
• I gave great advice and information for free
• I was 100 per cent me. I didn’t and I still don’t play it safe with my thoughts. Everything is 100 per cent honesty and passionately me.

Because of that, people come to me; businesses, consumers, everyone. My inbox become flooded…why? Trust. I gave with no obligation. Now when I launch a product, a seminar, an e-course or a book, I have a database to draw from.

Lesson 3 – Around 80 per cent of your time must be focused on sales.

business success - graph 13mpMost business owners worry about the things that will not bring them sales, or wait until everything is 100 per cent perfect before they start selling.

Don’t worry about putting in complex and costly systems. What’s the good of systems without sales? Get the sales first. Get busy making sales. Get the money in. Then you can clean up the mess with systems. But in the beginning, sales and plenty of them are needed… and that’s where you should be focused.

If you have a manager, he or she must be made aware of the importance of sales. You’re a retail company, not an administration company. I’ve seen too many businesses stagnate and ultimately fail because no one was focused on the key to winning in business – getting sales! This is the attitude that must prevail throughout your whole company… from managers right on down.

Remember: successful people thrive on the chaos, revel at the mess they’ve created and juggle numerous projects at the same time… from major ideas right down to the nitty gritty minor details, all without breaking a sweat. This is what we live for! If you do not feel this way, making a lot of money in business is going be very tough.

On a final note, remember, when we think sales, it’s not about the money or the bottom line. It’s about offering the best value to the client…but we’ll delve into that next time.

Renee Mayne – Bra Queen

Image: Bra Queen client Underwear of Sweden.

Comprising two 30-minute sessions targeting the lingerie sector and covering key topics including cost effective, innovative marketing and boosting your business through proactive service and sales, the Bra Queen workshops will take place at 11.45 a.m. on Sunday 29 and Monday 30 August, at Fashion Exposed, Melbourne Exhibition Centre.

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