New retailer offers bigger sizes

Glamazon_w300New shoe brand Glamazon has entered the market on the promise of serving the fashion needs of women with larger feet.

Glamazon’s Mira Smoljko said the brand had been started to fill a gap in the market for fashionable shoes aimed at women with size 10 feet and upwards.

“For years there has been a frustrating shortage of fashionable shoes for women and girls with shoe sizes 10 and over. While it is widely accepted that people in general are getting taller, the footwear market has not really kept up. Statistics confirm this further by showing that shoe sizes, particularly for women, have steadily increased over the past century. The population is definitely getting taller and with height comes bigger feet.”

With a bricks-and-mortar outlet located in the Melbourne suburb of Ascot Vale, the company’s website at is also open for orders. Glamazon Shoes stocks a range of fashionable and affordable shoes from sizes 8 through to 13 including ballet flats, strappy heels, slingbacks, pumps, comfort shoes, ankle and knee high boots.

“Our shop caters to women who have struggled to find shoes they want to wear for their size 10, 11, 12 and even 13 feet,” said Smoljko. “Most retail shoe shops will carry limited ‘bigger sizes’, a couple of 10s, perhaps the odd 11 but certainly no higher.”

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