Fiebiger’s jungle garden party

Fiebiger_w200Women’s fashion footwear label Fiebiger Shoes plans to bring the outdoors in when it showcases its product at the upcoming Australian Shoe Fair this August. Co-founder Bianca Fiebiger confirmed the Fiebiger stand would be set up as a vibrant garden with a tea party in line with the jungle theme of the ranges being sold.

“We will be selling winter 2011 and the current summer 2011 stock at the shoe fair. The winter range is called Jungle Fever Hot – so look out for the garden. We are very close to the entrance so you can’t miss us!” she said.

Made for girls who embraced glamour, Fiebiger shoes were “all about individuals making a statement from the feet up without breaking the bank” the company’s brand statement confirmed. “We encourage all girls to walk with confidence.”

With Fiebiger fans including new Rogue Traders singer Mindi Jackson – recently spotted in Fiebiger’s Princess Natalia style – and US rapper Eve – who was seen in the Princess Mandy Black Love Heart style on a recent Australian trip, Fiebiger’s following is growing.

At the time of writing Bianca and co-founder Kveta Fiebiger were heading off to Tokyo, Japan for an inspiration trip, before heading to the Canton Fair in China to check out new styles and concepts in women’s footwear. The pair will spill the beans about their adventures on Twitter.

Fiebiger’s jungle garden party will take place at Australian Shoe Fair from 29-31 August at Melbourne Exhibition Centre.

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