Hinako brand going strong

Hinako_1_w250Queensland footwear brand Hinako is experiencing strong growth thanks to its focus on affordable women’s footwear. The brand was established in 2003 to meet a gap for lifestyle orientated footwear, confirmed founder Nigel Dowling.

“We launched Hinako to cater to this forgotten sector in the market. We realised that there were a lot of comfort footwear brands in the market, but not many of them combined comfort and style. We therefore put focus on designing shoes for everyday wear, for the individual wanting something a little unique, where style and comfort are blended to create shoes made for living in. We use top quality leathers in all our Hinako styles, while keeping our prices below $100 retail wherever possible.”

“Hinako has since launched another fashion orientated brand called Isabella which has been going from strength to strength. Our focus here is on providing the consumer with the latest in women’s fashion shoes at great prices, with most of our styles coming in under $70 retail. The growth of Isabella has been amazing since its inception three years ago, with an annual growth topping 110 per cent per year.”

Hinako would be showcasing its ranges at Australian Shoe fair from 29 – 31 August, Dowling confirmed.

“For the upcoming Australian Shoe Fair, we will be promoting our winter 2011 ranges of both Hinako and Isabella. Our aim is to find new stockists, while also using it as an opportunity to meet with our existing customers. The exposure we receive for both our brands is an important reason why we continue to show at Australian Shoe Fair.”

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