Retail Tip 5 – Learn to delegate!

Mark Davies

Mark Davies

One of the simplest yet most overlooked business secrets is that you can’t do everything yourself. Here Mark Davis spills the beans on the art of sharing the load.

An expert and trainer in all things retail, business coach Mark Davis divides his time between Australia and Europe, traversing the globe to share his retail, sales, business and Internet marketing insights.

Being in business can be tough. Operating your own retail venture involves a multitude of skills: hiring staff, dealing with government compliance, keeping everybody safe and making sure you don’t break one of the thousands of rules for your store, your franchise, your industry, your council, your state and your country.

So it’s really important to consider this: the business doesn’t run without you, so you need to replace yourself.

If you ever want to experience freedom in your business, you don’t just need to delegate; you need to actively focus on replacing your activities with a skilled professional who can do the same things.

Mark-Davis-image-250The funny thing is, when you do, you’ll find that your replacement for say…. book keeping… does it faster and better than you – after all, it’s their speciality.

As a business owner, you’re probably a generalist – able to do everything. However if you can do everything OK, it makes sense to hire people who can do some things excellently.

Then you can take a holiday knowing that all the aspects of your business are taken care of. Some things require your physical presence, others don’t. Book keeping can be done through elance.com or ymii.com with an outsourcer in India… Writing contracts, agreements, even your payroll can also be outsourced.

Other things, such as sales or merchandising, will require physical staff. For areas such as marketing, it might pay to outsource to an agency or a young graduate, whose fresh ideas will give your business a new lease on life.

Think about it!


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