Retail Tip 4 – Promote yourself online

Mark Davies

Mark Davies

Time was when the older generation thought its duty was to pass down wisdom to the youngsters. Not these days; if you want to understand how online promotions work – ask a teenager, as Mark Davis reports.

An expert and trainer in all things retail, business coach Mark Davis divides his time between Australia and Europe, traversing the globe to share his retail, sales, business and Internet marketing insights.

Many businesses don’t have the time or budget to do a lot of advertising, and they only usually know one or two ways to do things; usually traditional methods of advertising and lead generation, which these days are time consuming, expensive, and give a poor response.

Taking a bit of time to learn new advertising methods can be a challenge, especially when most of the methods today are online. Ever dealt with a Google Ad, Facebook page or Twitter account? For many people, the thought of online ads is enough to send shivers down their spine… and to consult with experts can cost more than the original advertising budget.

So here’s my top tip for today…

Learn from a teenager.

Find out what your kids, or your staff’s kids do, to promote things online these days and copy their strategies. They’ll be doing things you couldn’t dream of, but they understand a couple of things really well:-

Mark_Davis_w3001. Referrals. If you recommend it, I might buy it. If a stranger tries to sell it, I’m less likely to. Find out how teens are promoting themselves and their ideas and favourite products for free online. Then pay them a small amount to promote you too.

2. Online ads are the chief reason why Facebook and Google are worth billions of dollars. This is because they work. Start off with baby steps by finding free Google Adwords credit and spending just $50 to test a few ads in text, picture or video format. It’s just one more thing to add to your schedule, but take 10 minutes a day, and in a month you’ll be a natural.

Finally, it’s worth talking to kids about why they put so many photos online. I can’t oversell this enough – pictures online are the new virtual catalogue, be it on a website, a Facebook account or in an email attachment. Use the power of pictures to sell your products, or just to let people know you exist.


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