iSpy … new talent at Fashion Exposed

Kate Vandermeer

Kate Vandermeer

As presenter of the Runway to Reality workshops at Fashion Exposed from 14-16 February, iSpyStyle’s Kate Vandermeer had a ringside seat at the trade fair’s hightlights. Here, she reports back.

Kate Vandermeer is director of iSpyStyle – a website and consultancy that spies on the design and fashion industry providing trend and business information targeted to inspire, inform and connect. Follow Kate on Twitter at www.twitter.com/iSpyStyle_Kate or subscribe to her website for free on www.ispystyle.net

Firstly, thanks to all those who attended the Runway to Reality workshop held at Fashion Exposed in Sydney. I had many of you come up and thank me for my tips and advice afterwards, which was lovely feedback.

iSpy_Chaos___HarmonySecondly, for any of you who missed the Menswear or Womenswear report, an edited version is now available on my website,www.iSpyStyle.net. You’ll find it in the Trends section under Womenswear SS10 and Menswear SS10, along with imagery from exhibitors who picked up on some of the key trends.

Thirdly, some hot tips from the stands! Fashion Exposed once more proved the ideal hunting ground for fresh talent. Here’s a pared down selection of the many great new brands that caught my eye:-

1. Chaos and Harmony (pictured left) – these amazing, on-trend shoes with a twist from a New Zealand were part of the Debut awards program. Wedge boots with rope detailing were a highlight.

2. Jolet – this Debut entrant has some great futuristic tailoring. The stone zip jacket with shoulder detailing was a highlight.

3. Two Birds – Featured in preview, this label epitomises an up market luxe bohemia that is timeless and in the most gorgeous sorbet colour palette. I’ll be getting the leopard print strapless sundress.

4. Sass/Fate (Sass pictured right) – For on-trend fast fashion with a twist, you can’t beat Sass/Fate.

5. Zoda – Fabulous statement jewellery and accessories

6. Dusud – South African designers featured at preview with a great selection of unique clothing and shoes. Stand out from the crowd with this label.

7. Apanna – modern menswear with a preppy twist. Watch this space.

8. Legend & Soul – great relaxed casual menswear that will live in your closet forever.

9. Squire Australia – amazing array of on trend men’s shoes (I particularly loved the red leather loafers)

10. Superga – a great stand with cool product, this Italian shoe label offers an impressively wide range of on trend sneakers for women, men and kids.

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