Retailing Tip 3 – Get yourself exposed!

Mark Davies

Mark Davies

This week (and quite without prompting) our online and retail guru Mark Davis has inadvertently plugged Fashion Exposed, driving home the importance of trade fairs and networking events in securing a high recall market position for your brand.

An expert and trainer in all things retail, business coach Mark Davis divides his time between Australia and Europe, traversing the globe to share his retail, sales, business and Internet marketing insights.

Speaking at a recent trade fair, I was reminded of the importance of being seen…in public, with people who are in your industry.

Trade shows, fairs, exhibitions and more, these are all opportunities for people who share common commercial interests to come together, discuss better ways of doing things, share trends and advances that are good for everyone in the industry, and most importantly incorporate that vital social element into their business.

Mark_Davis_megaphoneI train people to do things online to save them time; but the real reason that online is so worthwhile is that it frees people up to focus on getting in front of their customers and suppliers, as well as working with staff to deliver a better product or service.

Getting yourself seen also helps customers and potential customers remember your brand. There is a lot to be said for putting those attention grabbing phrases into your marketing; “as seen on the web”, “as seen on TV”, “as heard on radio”, “as seen at Fashion Exposed” and so on.

Its a simple concept, but really important: if you’ve taken the trouble to get yourself online (or into any other media) in order to expose yourself, then it’s important to get yourself seen.

Research networking events, breakfasts, shows, exhibitions, trade fairs, even the local market. Get yourself out and about, develop an offline brand that people will recognise and remember, and then spread the word.


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