Clash Couture

Eryn Behan

Eryn Behan

Someone once said that good taste begins where imagination ends. As Ginger Trend Consulting for Mudpie asserts, the trend for artfully clashing colours and prints defies ‘good taste’ and gives free rein to the imagination, with fabulous results.

Eryn Behan is director of Ginger Trend Consulting, the exclusive agent for UK trend forecaster Mudpie and its online platform MPDClick, and a provider of fashion forecast services and consumer insight trends to the fashion and interior design industries throughout Australasia.

‘Clash Couture’ celebrates the sheer delight that comes from breaking the rules; why adhere to a strict code of dress and limit yourself to one colour or pattern when there is a veritable kaleidoscope of options to choose from? Savvy street dressers across the globe have given in to a subversive desire to express themselves and make a loud style statement clashing print, colour and trends to their hearts’ content.

Runway mavericks showcased their love for the high fashion clash for autumn/winter 09/10, with Sao Paolo Fashion Week favourite Walerio Araujo pushing hectic digital print suits and accessories for men, and US designer Betsey Johnson featuring mix ‘n’ match geometric jumpsuits in her womenswear collection.

Moving on to spring/summer 10, opt for plenty of juxtaposing ethnic themes, following the lead of premier labels such as Issey Miyake and Marc by Marc Jacobs.

This trend is less about products and more about styling; in-store merchandise a mixed bag of prints and themes in one look. Small-scale animal prints will work with large-scale geometrics, tartans and stripes. To keep ensembles balanced, consider proportions; if you opt for volume cut trousers, choose a slim fit top.

Fashion’s biggest faux pax is fast becoming fashion’s favourite trend, so take note and bring a little ‘clash couture’ in store now.

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