New breed of posture shoe to launch

Stretchwalker_3_w300A new range of balancing footwear is set to launch in Australia next month. Stretchwalker launched overseas 12 months ago and has been sold well based on its premise of harmony for body and mind, according to a spokesperson for the brand.

StretchWalker by Xsensible is a Japanese and Dutch collaborative shoe design that will bring balance to the wearer. Based on the traditional Japanese Ippon-ba-geta, a wooden thong sandal, with not two, but one vertical balance point, the Stretchwalker utilises the principle of the Ippon-ba-geta to encourage the balancing of the foot and force the wearer into an upright, healthy posture.

“Good body posture stimulates blood circulation and reduces pressure on the joints. The sophisticated design also encourages the foot and leg muscles to work, so that you subtly create more muscle power. The body is in balance and therefore has more power – the ideal environment for a healthy mind.”

Tetsuya Nosaka, founder of the StretchWalker principle said StretchWalker had been especially designed to compensate for stress and lifestyle related disorders.

“We found it important to manufacture a shoe that not only cushions the stride, but also invites the body to assume good posture, so that muscles and joints will not be stressed. StretchWalker is the result of a desire to alleviate wrong posture, cramped muscles and tension headaches. We believe that these shoes will bring you health and joy for many years.”

Stretchwalker will officially launch into the Australian market at the Australian Shoe Fair from 14 to 16 February 2010.

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