Retail tip 1 – Invest in your greatest asset

Mark Davies

Mark Davies

In his inaugural retail tip for 2010, our resident retail and online expert Mark Davis shares his insights on how to capitalise on people power in your business.

An expert and trainer in all things retail, business coach Mark Davis divides his time between Australia and Europe, traversing the globe to share his retail, sales, business and Internet marketing insights.

It’s not every day we remember that our stores wouldn’t function without people; the people who smile all day at customers who are window-shopping; the people who unpack the boxes, and merchandise our products throughout the store.

They keep it clean, smelling nice, play the right music and check that everything possible is being done to show off the products for maximum impact.

It’s also these people that sell. They have often been in the business of face to face selling since before finishing high school. Many stay in the retail industry because they have a passion for it. They love the rush of a good sale; they love to be responsible for helping people find what they are looking for.

Mark_Davies_happy_retailer_w300And most importantly, they like to think they are part of something bigger, a look, an industry, a trend – they can say they help to create the future in their own small way.

So it’s important that we look after them – keep them engaged, keep them continuously learning. Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, said that the purpose of education is to inspire further education. It makes sense then to stimulate the desire for learning by making opportunities available.

These can be simple online classes in communication skills, or diplomas in management, but the important thing for staff satisfaction and retention is that personnel are given a chance at education they have perhaps never been offered. Remember, a 15-year-old who enters retail and loves it usually stays, so he or she may not even have finished high school or attended university. You could be the first place that offers them an education.

The result will be educated, satisfied staff who stay longer, work happier, and boast to their friends what a great boss you are… a win win for everyone!


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