New brand expects high rating

Not_Rated_w250Sydney distribution company Sapato Imports is continuing its expansion drive with the addition of US girls’ and women’s footwear label Not Rated to its stable of fashion-led shoe brands.

Sapato Imports National Brand Manager Adam Westheimer confirmed that while Not Rated was regarded as a youth brand in its home market, the Australian range had been cherry picked to cater to Sapato’s target customer.

“We should be supplying the market with Not Rated to target the 18-40 yr old demographic,” he said, adding brands such as Poetic Licence, also distributed by Sapato, had initially carried the same profile.

“[Poetic Licence was] designed to cater for the youth market but in actual fact we found out that the brand was targeting the older market. Young girls sometimes don’t want to take the edge that an older market are able to – I guess the [Not Rated] range is designed for those who are comfortable enough to make a statement. In the Not Rated collection there is product to suit all age groups, which is why we found it so appealing for the Australian market.”

Sapato Imports, which also recently added Fly London to its family of brands, also distributes a range of labels including Poetic Licence, Irregular Choice, Moda Spana, Veronella, Romanelli and Cruz.

Scheduled for delivery into retail in July 2010, Not Rated will be on display alongside Sapato Imports other brands at the AUSTRALIAN SHOE FAIR from 14-16 February 2010.

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