iSpy… Online Mood Boards

As any designer or student knows, playing around with a collage or mood board is a great way to unleash your creative mojo. As iSpyStyle reports, online moodboards take the glue and scissors out of the equation, while adding a whole lot more.

Kate Vandermeer

Kate Vandermeer

Kate Vandermeer is director of iSpyStyle – a website and consultancy that spies on the design and fashion industry providing trend and business information targeted to inspire, inform and connect. Follow Kate on Twitter at www.twitter.com/iSpyStyle_Kate or subscribe to her website for free on www.ispystyle.net

Remember growing up and compiling collages on your pin board?  It’s a great way to keep the things inspiring you at that given moment in your eye line. Taking this concept to the next level, three ex-Yahoo engineers have created Polyvore – a community of stylish people who can create their own online mood board.  You can take individual clippings from their library of fashion images and create a collage.  It uses a drag and drop editor which is simple and intuitive to use.

Once you’ve created your set (finished collage), you can publish it on the Polyvore website and share it with your friends and the community. Those viewing the set can click on a dress or shoe and be taken to the website that sells the product, driving qualified traffic. It’s free to use and view and it uses images from all over the web.

iSpy_Polivore_1 Why we love it

1.  It gives all fashion magazine editor wannabes the chance to strut their “online styling” skills.

2.  It’s great for inspiration (artistic, style tips or online shopping).

3.  It’s a great tool for e-boutiques to promote their site and labels.

4.  It takes online interaction to a whole new level.

5.  Trends that bubble up from users can be tracked and reacted to quickly.

Polyvore is so popular worldwide, it’s rivalling style.com, with traffic figures per month of around 4 million unique visitors (as of Aug 2009). “Its 928,000 registered users create 28,000 new sets a day.” (source – New York Times as of July 2009)


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