Crocs in copyright battle

Crocs_Cayman_2_w250In an unlikely clash between footwear and fast cars, global trademarked shoe brand Crocs has found itself embroiled in a copyright stand-off with renowned luxury auto brand Porsche, over use of the Cayman brand name for one of its footwear offerings. The case could prove a costly exercise for Crocs.

Porsche claims that Crocs’ use of the Cayman brand infringes on the manufacturer’s entry-level hardtop sports car of the same name.

Crocs reportedly received a “cease and desist” letter from Porsche in May, requiring Crocs to stop using the Cayman name. The letter also said that Porsche wanted the shoe company to reimburse it for any legal costs incurred in sending the notice.

Crocs_Cayman_w250The US-headquartered Crocs, which has had to find a law firm in Porsche’s home territory of Germany to represent it, confirmed in a recent statement that it plans to “vigorously defend” itself against the claims.

At the time of writing it remains unclear whether or not sales of Crocs Cayman shoes have been suspended in Germany or other pertinent markets.

Crocs’ trademarked Cayman clogs (pictured) feature an ergonomic, Italian design styled to allow wearers’ feet to flex and expand naturally. Featuring a silhouette similar to Crocs original clogs, Crocs Cayman are characterised by a slightly snugger fit.

Made from Crocs’ exclusive trademarked croslite material, the Cayman Croc includes ventilation on top and around the toe box. The croslite foot bed moulds to the foot for a custom fit and arch support, while offering the added benefits of being odour-resistant, anti-microbial, ergonomic and lightweight.

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