A taste of thongs to come

Rivetz_studsNew online footwear player Rivetz has harnessed the power of the internet to create a customised thong business. Located at the concept allows customers to create unique fashion pieces, as co-founder Polly Davenport.

“As well as being able to choose your thong colour schemes, mixing and matching the bases and straps as you please, Rivetz allows you to accessorise your thongs with a range of more than a dozen cute metal studs, or rivets, that attach to the straps.”

Thongs were made onshore in Rivetz’ warehouse shipped for next day delivery, she added.

Rivetz is an all Australian Company, founded in 2009 by a brother and sister team Joe and Polly Davenport..

Rivetz_thongs_w200“I’ve got about 20 pairs of thongs and I love them, but they are just getting a little boring. I wanted to do something different, I wanted to be unique,” says Polly Davenport.

Future plans for the growing Rivetz business include the addition of further thong brands and new fashion accessories, Davenport confirmed.

“Most importantly we will keep adding to our awesome collection of funky Rivetz. Rivetz has a strong customer focus and was designed and created for the market’s thirst to individualise. This revolutionary online store is setting a new path in blending technology and fashion.”

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