The dark side of menswear

Eryn Behan

Eryn Behan

Two years ago Robert Pattinson was a mere extra from the screen adaptations of cult fantasy book series ‘Harry Potter’; now he has a mass following of ardent fans who know him only as Edward Cullen, the tortured, brooding immortal heartthrob of ‘Twilight’. Ginger Trend Consulting for Mudpie takes a look at how men’s fashion is re-“vamping” Pattinson’s signature style.

Eryn Behan is director of Ginger Trend Consulting, the exclusive agent for UK trend forecaster Mudpie and its online platform MPDClick, and a provider of fashion forecast services and consumer insight trends to the fashion and interior design industries throughout Australasia.

Released in November 2008, Twilight is the film version of the teen romance novel of the same name by American author Stephanie Meyer.


Images from - Mpdclick.com

Images from – Mpdclick.com

In real life Pattinson is a rather crumpled 23 year old British musician and actor who shies away from any kind of attention and is often seen with his thick ‘bed head’ tresses pushed back into a well worn woollen beanie.

The Twilight package, from books to film and merchandise, had been targeted at the teen market but found an enraptured audience in the young adult market who are most likely to demand lookalike Edward items in-store. If you thought vampire fashion equalled to novelty Victoriana gear and an abundance of black lace, think again.

Edward’s characteristic pea coat and dark wayfarers will be hot retail items for the winter, injecting a modern debonair appeal to young menswear ranges.

Images from - Topman, Forever 21, Paul Smith Jeans, Office, Topman, Rayban

Images from – Topman, Forever 21, Paul Smith Jeans, Office, Topman, Rayban

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