Barefoot brand gains retail foothold

VivoBarefoot1_w250Ethical footwear brand Terra Plana is boosting its Australian presence with the opening of a store in the inner Sydney suburb of Newtown and the launch of an on-line retail site. Showcasing Terra Plana’s key collections as well as the VivoBarefoot range, both retail formats will cater to men, women and children.

The Terra Plana range comprises footwear designed to support sustainability, lightness, anatomic design, disassembly, and durability. The brand uses a variety of eco-friendly materials and innovative minimal glue constructions “and with each collection inches closer towards the totally sustainable shoe.”

Key in the Terra Plana stable is the VivoBarefoot range, whose “back to basics” shoe design features an ultra thin 3mm puncture resistant sole, allowing wearers’ feet to be as near barefoot as possible. VivoBarefoot realigns the posture, resulting in 15 per cent less impact on the knees and hips. It also naturally strengthens the muscles in the feet and allows every nerve ending to be stimulated, enhancing wearers’ sensory perception and exercising the calves, thighs, glutes, lower back and abdomen.

The brand features a recycled memory foam insert, anti-bacterial moisture-wick lining and cool suede or leather uppers and is available in men’s, women’s and children’s as well as unisex designs. Terra Plana’s store and e-store are located in King Street, Newtown, and respectively.

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