Shoe brand hits growth spurt

Andrea___Joen_Tan_w200Chic chicks’ footwear label Andrea & Joen has signed on as a first time exhibitor at the Australian Shoe Fair next year, with a view to expanding its offer and regional retail presence.

Founded by sisters Andrea and Joen Tan, the brand has already garnered a strong following locally and overseas, particularly in the US. It has also attracted repeated business from consumers to rock and pop stars including Gwen Stefani, Delta Goodrem, Fergie, Pink, Katy Steele from Little Birdy and local radio personalities Bianca Dye and Jackie O.

Director Andrea Tan confirmed Andrea & Joen would capitalise on its presence at Australian Shoe Fair – co-located with FASHION EXPOSED and the Bags & Accessories Fair – to source jewellery and accessories with a view to expanding its successful online store.

Attendance at the trade fair also marked a potential expansion phase for the brand.

“We’re very much a metropolitan brand, but there’s certainly potential for a greater presence in regional and coastal areas,” Tan said. Core brand Andrea & Joen, which carries retail price points of $245 for high heels and $400 for boots would be showcased alongside price pointed fashion brand SUNDAY Andrea & Joen.

Andrea___Joen__2_w250“SUNDAY Andrea & Joen embodies the colourful combinations of the ocean and marine life, native landscapes to the playful summery fun laid back lifestyle and the mood of the changing seasons by the sea. It is now a highly successful brand in its own right and has achieved success in the street/surf and casual wear arena.”

Aside from domestic expansion, Andrea & Joen would continue to drive its North American presence through established stockists in the US and current negotiations with a Canadian distribution company. “Our longer term strategy also includes successful penetration of the European market,” Tan added.

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