Art of shoe making laid bare

Shoe_Show_Emma_Greenwood_w250An artisanal shoe exhibition kicks off in Melbourne this week, with a view to critically examine the rare art contemporary shoe making in Melbourne, showcasing new and experimental work by some of the city’s leading emerging shoemakers.

Shoe Show is designed to showcase a diverse selection of shoes and provide an insight into the working processes and sources of inspiration of local artisanal shoemakers.

Particular emphasis has been laid on how shoe making can be used as a vehicle for artistic expression and technical innovation.

Shoe makers exhibiting each bring a unique set of influences to their shoe making practice. Emma Shirgwin’s extensive technical experimentation has led to the adoption of the Lunati, paper-patterning method as her preferred process of design and production, whilst Tim Tropp’s background in the fashion industry has inspired the ‘trouser shoe’, an amalgamation of trouser and shoe to form one continuous garment.

The exhibition will also feature the work of Emma Greenwood (pictured left), Phong Chi Lai (pictured right), April Phillips, James Roberts, Emma Shirgwin, and Tim Tropp.

Shoe Show exhibits 22 October – 28 November at Craft Victoria, 31 Flinders Lane, Melbourne.

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